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A few educators got together and sensed that there was a need to change the faces of success…

Publisher’s Message to Everyone

First off, we would like to thank you for your enduring support! Over the past five years you have watched us grow, evolve, and transform right before your eyes.  It has been a rewarding challenge for us to bring you a publication that challenges the status quo for urban media. Many didn’t think it could be done or be successful, but you took B.O.S.S. from 500 views for our first issue to an amazing 385,000 for just one of our issues. We said education was important and you agreed.  We said that positive media about minorities could flourish and you agreed.
Together, we have made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and have helped them make the decision to pursue their dreams and further their education.  With this said, it is with great excitement we share with you the future of B.O.S.S. eMagazine and the evolution of urban publications. B.O.S.S. eMagazine has been contracted by Ingram Content/Ingram Periodicals to become a NATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED PRINT PUBLICATION!

​What does this mean? Why is going to print important? When surveying the Top 25 Black Magazines, these alarming numbers were found; 16 magazines focus on music and entertainment, four magazines are about hair, and four are business related.  Not one magazine is about education. Even worse, out of the top 50 Black Magazines, five have a scantily clad woman on the COVER! There has not been a successful non-entertainment African-American focused magazine on the shelves of Barnes and Noble in 46 years!

The evolution of urban youth magazines has to begin with us.
If we want our youth to see positive images, WE as have to print them!  We must take responsibility to print not what is popular, but what is best for our future. B.O.S.S. eMagazine believes it is imperative that minority youth have a resource that not only speaks of them and to them, but a platform that caters to their potential and current success. Positive Media = Positive People.

In conclusion, we are not just looking for obligatory congratulations; we are expecting our supporters to STAND with us and support us as we move into this uncharted territory. Our communities have been begging for media that is positive and educational that is why B.O.S.S. is here! So help us make B.O.S.S. eMagazine the #1 urban youth magazine in the nation, help us make history.  The time for talking is over, it’s time for action.

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