B.O.S.S. Mentorship Cover Story- Daymond John

Daymond John


B: Why is mentorship important?


D: Mentorship is clearly been one of the top reasons for people’s success. Many people do not understand what they have to go through. When you mentor, you pay it forward and hopefully the person you help will want to mentor when they get to their achieved level of success.


B: With all the negative things going on in our community, do you feel that mentorship is the answer, or just a step in the right direction?


D: I believe mentorship is actually the answer but it depends on the quality of the mentors. A father figure and mother figure are always amazing and they keep people on the right track. A true mentor will also push the individuals into education as well as other things. Studies have shown that when you take men or parents out of the household, the household has a higher probability of failing.


B: How have you helped mentor someone through their career?


D: I helped Moe’s Bows (as seen on Shark Tank), with his bow tie company. Moe and his mother did not need me but I was there for reassurance for whatever they were doing. Hopefully, I have given them some guidance that has been of value. He was apart of one of my favorite mentorship moments. I was able to bring him into New York’s Fashion Week on a television show, had him interviewed, and the president of Neiman Marcus called him to put Moe’s Bows in Neiman Marcus.


B: What is the proper way for mentees to ask someone to be their mentor?


D: Always make sure that the mentee presents something that is of value to the mentor. This is a two way street, mentors need to get something out of it. I’m not talking about money. But for example, let’s say that the mentor is operating a business but they have a passion for saving animals- so if you can’t spend money, then let the mentor know you would volunteer five hours a week at an animal shelter of their choice, so that it would help with their passion. Maybe the mentor is in their 60’s or 70’s and technology and social media is something they really don’t understand. The mentee would ask to be educated in a certain area in exchange for helping their mentor understand how to use social media to convert sales, fix website, or show them more affordable ways to do things.


B: What are the characteristics of good mentor?


D: A good mentor is going to give you the right track, but a great mentor is someone who has nothing to gain, they don’t own any of your business, they will just mentor out of love.


B: What do you look for in your mentees?


D: I look for mentees that surround themselves with like-minded people. For mentees that never quit. I look for mentees that are very appreciative but they are not using the mentor as a crutch. They know that the mentor is apart of the progression, but they will move on in life with or without the mentor.


B: How long does the mentorship last?


D: It can last one hour or one hundred years.


Daymond John’s book, The Power of Broke is on shelves everywhere. Also, follow him on Snapchat: @TheSharkDaymond


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