B.O.S.S. Mentorship Issue- Marques Colston

Marques Colston

B: Why, do you feel, mentorship is important in today’s world?

MC. In this age of instant and seemingly unlimited access, success seems to be attainable by cutting corners. The role of the mentor is to encourage, but also present an accurate representation of the pathways to success.

B: With all the negative things going on in our communities, especially with our youth, do you feel mentorship is the answer or just a step in the right direction? Why?

MC:. I believe mentorship is an integral part of a larger picture. It provides a tangible example of what success looks like, and what it takes to get there. When you have access to successful people you can relate to, it makes your aspirations feel more attainable.

B: Give me an example on how you have helped someone’s career as a mentor or how you have been helped as a mentee.

MC: Very early in my NFL career I was introduced to Lance Johnstone, an 11-year vet at the time. Lance was a player that had successfully transitioned from the field into the business world, while still playing, and represented the vision I wanted for myself post-football. He began to mentor me as I broke into the private equity and entrepreneurial spaces. That relationship has since evolved into us becoming business partners in multiple ventures and life-long friends.

B: What is the PROPER way, for a mentee, to ask someone to be their mentor?

MC: To me it’s less about how you ask, and more about what you ask. One of the most valuable assets successful people have is their time. If the mentee has a clear vision of what they plan to achieve through the relationship, it helps to guide the mentor toward relevant teaching moments. B: What are the best ways MENTEES can provide value to mentors?

MC: More often than not, the mentor is the older and more experienced of the two. The mentee can help to provide a constant reminder of the road to success, as well as a new and fresh perspective.

B: What are the characteristics of a good Mentor, compared to a GREAT mentor?

MC: The traits and characteristics are very similar in my opinion. Both must be motivated and committed to achieve, and also self-aware enough to listen and learn from others.

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