Nancy’s Pizza on Camp Creek Parkway (Owner Greg Cole)

When people asked, “What’s your favorite pizza?” Without a doubt I say Nancy’s Pizza. Now, I’ve been
wanting to do a review on Nancy’s for a few years now but haven’t. I entertain a lot of out of town
clients and when they say, what’s something in Atlanta that I need to experience, I take them to Nancy’s
Pizza. It’s that special. It’s not just the pizza, it’s the atmosphere. When they moved from Buckhead, I was a little nervous. I knew the pizza would be same (and I’ll get to that later) but there may a change in the southern hospitality atmosphere. Every time I’ve come into Nancy’s I’ve been treated like their number one customer, and from what I’ve observed, so does everyone else. Greg, the (owner of that franchise), has created a culture with his employees that encourages the hospitality that can spoil you.
From the first greeting until they take your trash off the table, you feel at home. The place is always clean and the plates and forks are always clean. Now let’s talk about the pizza! When my parents first moved to Atlanta, they wanted to get some pizza. They named all their favorite spots, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, I looked my father dead in his eyes and I said, “Let me take you to a real pizza place.” Now understand, Nancy’s Pizza is a good 45 minutes from my
house without Atlanta traffic so this is clearly out the way. So as we are driving we past Pizza Hut and
my dad looks at me and says, “This place better be good.” I didn’t say I word, I just smiled. We pulled up to the place in East Point and my parents got out and went into the restaurant. From the moment they walked through the door they were blown away. The smiles on their faces made me know I had made the right choice. As they flipped through the menu, I texted Greg to let him know I was outside and my parents were with me. Less than 3 minutes later, Greg was at my table, greeting my parents like family. He told them about the specialty deep dish but also some of the other favorites. My parents ordered pizza and wings and they came out hot and fresh and quickly. They we
re amazed. They ate every bite and wanted more! I don’t know if this was a good idea or a bad one, because ever since that day they continue to bug me about going back! But to put things in perspective, my parents are very particular with where they eat and they LOVE Nancy’s Pizza. So they have to be doing something right.
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Owning a business is easy, owning a successful business is a lot harder. For Greg to also be a minority business owner is even more of an accomplishment. He doesn’t just have a pizza joint, but a top tier establishment that can stand against any restaurant. He is truly Being his Own Success Story! B.O.S.S.!

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