B.O.S.S. Previews The New Edition Story

B.O.S.S. Previews The New Edition Story

Piece by LaTonya Mechelle

Imagine what was going on in my head when I received the text from Howard Clay of B.O.S.S. Magazine that we would be attending the Pre-Screening of The New Edition Story. If y’all know me and my intentions, I’ve never really been about the scene of celebrities but more about everyday grown folks in general. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. New Edition and Anthony Hamilton. If you ever want to see me lose my classiness and my “it’s really not that deep attitude”, put me around those people.

New Edition!!! Where do I begin? I would take y’all back to 1984 but who am I fooling, I’m sure some of y’all can run circles around me with New Edition knowledge. I’m not talking just about the women either, I know plenty of men fans too. I will never forget going to see New Edition solo in Baltimore MD. While we will not gonna speak on my jacked up love life and going into the arena and sitting a couple of row from a group of straight guys. I will say we partied all night. Man, they were grooving just as much as me and knew every word to each song. I can’t forget receiving birthday tickets to see them in DC at the Verizon Center and watching them work the stage like they were still 15. I can remember thinking, these guys are almost 50, how in the world do they keep moving like that? My question was answered yesterday. His name is Brooke Payne. I can’t forget seeing them at Constitution Hall and getting my seats changed and ending up sitting right by New Edition’s family members and dancing and singing the whole concert. I promise y’all I didn’t sit down the whole night. I couldn’t tell you how many times that I have seen New Edition in concert. All I know is that it never gets old. There’s nothing like being able to slip back into a time where life was about being happy and enjoying life. All this time, I always felt like I was connected to Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny. I felt as if I grew up with them and I really knew them. Until I sat my tail in that chair last night and their true story was revealed …

After a 10 hour drive from DC to ATL yesterday, I was tired as crap but as soon as I saw Ronnie Devoe and his beautiful wife step out the elevator, all of a sudden I had all kinds of energy. Then the cast from the movie…Oh boy! How are you not pressed when you are in the same space as your favorite group of all time? The cast had to be some of the most loving young men. The whole atmosphere was freaking amazing. We all got t-shirts and had a chance to get up close and personal with the cast. There was a Question and Answer Session after the movie and we got a chance to see the guy’s personalities. What stood out to me was they all seemed to be spiritually connected and humble. Even though it only took them 4 weeks to make the movie, you would have thought that they had all grew up together. It was so refreshing to see how they all took to each other. Brotherhood was the theme for the night and the movie and it seemed as if every cast member that was there last night, represented that. It was obvious that the making of this movie, changed all of these young men’s lives and I was proud to be a part of the experience.

I had never heard the name Jesse Collins until yesterday but he got added to my stalk list quickly. Not just because he came up with the concept of the movie, not because he is from the DC area originally, but because he saw it through and never gave up. I’m learning a lot about going through the process and having patience lately, so hearing him speak and sitting back watching everything from the outside, had me truly intrigued. We often forget about the people in the background but yet and still, in most cases, it’s their glue that holds everything together and makes the dream possible. I’m sure he wanted to walk away from this whole concept a while ago but he didn’t and now because of him following through, the world will get to see the truth and people will have a new respect for New Edition. Not just as Artists, but as individuals who had to struggle to make it to the top. A perfect example of never judging a book by its cover and what happens in our home, stays in our home. It’s not for the world to know. Because of Mr. Collins, the world will take another look at New Edition. How many other groups do you know that started with one original group and produced another group….BBD and three successful solo artists……Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill. If you ask me, it’s could have been 4! Ricky Bell knows he should have done a solo album. Either way, if that represents nothing more, it represents true talent. Something we lack today. Because of Mr. Collins, the world will also begin to re-look at the meaning of the word…Brotherhood.


I salute you Mr. Collins!!!! You have my utmost respect and I will be following you and all of your endeavors. Kudoos to the whole cast of The New Edition Story. Job well done and I’m so proud of all of you. Special acknowledgement to the New Edition family members, especially the member’s moms. I won’t speak on being a single mom raising boys solo until after I have watched the whole series but ladies, y’all are true representation of the importance of allowing your kids to follow their dreams. Brook Payne, you are NEW EDITION!! Plain and simple!!! I thank you so much because without you and your loyalty to these men, a part of my life would be missing. Special Shout Out to Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky Mike, Ralph and Johnny. Thank you for allowing us into the good, bad, and ugly of y’all lives. I have a new respect and I’m an even bigger fan.

To all those who are reading this….The New Edition Story is a MUST SEE!!!! Don’t just record it, WATCH IT!! EXPERIENCE IT!!!! I promise you that you will love it. They only showed us Part 1 of 3, so I’m feening!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Oh yeah, if you are like how I was before yesterday, one who wasn’t excited about the movie cause I didn’t think these actors could do New Edition justice or that since they don’t look like the guys, it’s hard to relate. Get that out of your head. Once you figure out who plays who, you will be all into it. I was in the theater watching it, singing and dancing every time a song came on. I’m telling you, I felt like I was raised in the projects in Boston and I was the cute girl riding on the back of Ronnie Devoe’s moped…you have to see the movie to relate. Haha.

My question to the cast, Ronnie Devoe, and Jesse Collins after hearing and seeing everyone interact was “We live in today’s society where brotherhood doesn’t seem to be a big factor but yet yall speak on it a lot, after the movie, what’ s next and how does this continue?”

I guess only time will tell.

Catch The New Edition Story on BET starting January 24th!

It’s your girl LaTonya MeChelle!! Be AMAZING on purpose.


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